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Songs videos


YGMO? Quirky song and dance performed in the fields of Wiltshire, UK. (Time 2:50)

Pachamama Crew featuring Vandana Shiva: La Semilla

The song La Semilla (in Spanish Semilla means seed) is a collaboration between the world renowned environmental activist Vandana Shiva and Pachamama Crew – the hip-hoppers from Madrid. A leading GM opponent, Vandana Shiva warns of the dangers "when seed is monopolised, when seed is privatised, when seed is terminated." Definitely not a track on the iPod playlist of Monsanto executives. (in Spanish). (Time: 5:12)

An Ode to Monsanto

An ode to Monsanto and other Genetically Modified Organsim food companies by Maimouna Youssef. Original lyrics by Maimouna Youssef. Directed and edited by Diallo Sumbry. (Time: 3:58)

The Monsanto Rag

By Synister Dane & the Kickapoo Disco Cosmonuts. This is a GMO parody of “I Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die Rag”, by Country Joe McDonald, Alkatraz Corner Music Co. This is audio rather than video. (Time: 1:00)

Just Say No to GMO music video

Just Say No to GMO exposes the lies of the GMO biotech industry. It also features rap lined from Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology, author of Seeds of Deception. (Time: 3:27)