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Protests videos

As biotech corporations and their supporters continue to try and impose GM food and crops, and to dominate world food production, governments have consistently failed to protect their own citizens and the environment from unwanted, untested and unnecessary GMOs. As a result, ordinary people and NGOs have resorted to protests in order to make clear their opposition.

Take the Flour Back demonstration

Hundreds gathered for the Take the Flour Back demonstration at Rothamsted Research in Harpenden on 27 May 2012. Diverse voices united in collective opposition to a publicly funded open air trial of genetically modified wheat. (Time 12:26)

Millions Against Monsanto - Davis, California Protest/Occupation

The Objective: To bring local awareness to the corporation Monsanto's control and involvement with the toxins in our food and water supplies and the ties they have in the government. We must start acting locally and thinking globally to bring down this tyrant of the food industry. We are in worldwide solidarity with the Millions Against Monsanto and several other groups, organizations, foundations, and individuals who feel that something must be done to stop the evil practices of the Monsanto Corporation. (Time 9:06)

Help us stop the GM potato

Greenpeace activists continue their presence in the North of Sweden, where the German chemical company BASF wants to grow the GM potato Amflora. BASF has used an antibiotic resistance gene in the controversial GMO-potato and several EU-countries have banned it from being cultivated. Greenpeace demand that the Swedish government follow the example of other countries and also ban the Amflora in Sweden. Support their cyber action (Time 1:07)

Big Potato Protest in Belgium

In Wetteren, Belgium on 29 May 2011, a group of farmers, environmentalists and concerned citizens protested against a trial of genetically engineered potatoes. This civil disobedience against GMO-fields in Belgium, was organised by the Belgian Field Liberation Movement. (Time 3:51)

WWF panda dances for Monsanto

In May, 2009 the head office of WWF-Netherlands received some extraordinary visitors, including a weeping panda, a Monsanto circus director, and various people in white overalls spraying "Roundup". The action is a protest on the occasion of the vote of the Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS). This forum allowed GM RoundupReady soy to be certified as 'responsible', while in reality, this soy is responsible for massive use of pesticides as well as deforestation and driving small farmers from their lands. (Time: 8:51)

Monsanto plant shut down by activists

Action group Round Up Monsanto successfully shut down the main Monsanto plant in the Netherlands, formally De Ruiter Seeds. Forty activists chained themselves to the entrance gate at the wake of day and prevented personnel from entering the office buildings and greenhouses. (Time 4:42)