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2014 articles

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Demand for Non-GMO products "exploding"31 December 2014
Monarch butterfly eyed for possible US endangered species protection31 December 2014
Iowa lawsuits accuse Syngenta over GMO seeds31 December 2014
GM soy and maize is toxic to rats – new detailed study28 December 2014
Indian government goes ahead with GM crop trials in spite of scientists' warnings28 December 2014
Monsanto and Bayer's GM plants contaminate Europe despite ban27 December 2014
Mandatory GM food labelling a step closer in China24 December 2014
GMO potato protesters win lighter sentences on appeal24 December 2014
GMO industry techno-fixes for Bt resistance in pests are counterproductive24 December 2014
Monsanto patent on tomatoes revoked22 December 2014
USDA report says pesticide residues in food nothing to fear22 December 2014
After 10 years, few payoffs from Gates "Grand Challenges"21 December 2014
China approves GMO corn and soybeans – but US exporters shouldn't get excited20 December 2014
US growers move towards sorghum due to its non-GMO appeal19 December 2014
Farmer interest in non-GMO beans, corn grows18 December 2014
Has China approved Syngenta's Viptera corn?17 December 2014
Stacking traits in a GMO is found to cause unexpected synergistic effects17 December 2014
China’s hard line on GMO burns US hay15 December 2014
Industry lobbies attack European Commission over delays in GMO authorisations15 December 2014
Why there's no turning back for GMO labelling in the US13 December 2014
USDA paves the way for planting of dicamba-tolerant soy and cotton13 December 2014
India's mad chase after Bt brinjal13 December 2014
GM rice doesn’t address poverty, lack of biodiversity12 December 2014
Oregon GMO labelling proponents concede defeat12 December 2014
US human trials of GM banana for Africa widely condemned12 December 2014
International tribunal demands GM maize ban in Mexico11 December 2014
Corporations get $760 from the US government for every dollar they spend on elections11 December 2014
German poultry sector returns to non-GMO feed – UK can follow 11 December 2014
Measure 92: Judge says no to restraining order on GMO recount results10 December 2014
Organic nearly as productive as industrial farming10 December 2014
A magic (non-GM) wand for nutrition and incomes in Mozambique?09 December 2014
Who says GMOs are safe? And who says they're not?09 December 2014
4,600 Oregon voters wrongly disenfranchised in GMO labelling ballot?08 December 2014
Roundup is toxic to the heart – new study05 December 2014
EU deal fails to provide full legal certainty for countries wanting to ban GM plantings05 December 2014
Non-GMO purple potatoes make GM tomato even more redundant 04 December 2014
EFSA's director thinks European Commission does not need a Chief Scientific Adviser04 December 2014
Minnesota school districts aim to reduce GMOs in school food04 December 2014
India should not rush into GMO field trials: high-level panel01 December 2014
EU needs stronger food safety authority01 December 2014
UN: GM soy agricultural model endangering Paraguayan indigenous right to land30 November 2014
Judge in the Monsanto-Maui lawsuit is tainted30 November 2014
Roundup Ready in alfalfa exports "catastrophic"29 November 2014
Son of Gates Foundation donor criticises Foundation's approach to Africa29 November 2014
Kenya told to defer introduction of GM crops29 November 2014
Meta-analysis claiming to demonstrate on-farm benefits of GM crops critiqued28 November 2014
Norwegian food authority stops approving antibiotic marker gene-containing GMOs in fish feed28 November 2014
Vote tally too close, recount ordered on Oregon GMO labelling27 November 2014
Filipino farmers protest government research on GM golden rice27 November 2014
Federal judge rules against Hawaii's GMO law27 November 2014
Buffer zones of several kilometers needed around GM maize to protect sensitive species25 November 2014
Agent Orange maker welcomed back to Vietnam to grow GMOs25 November 2014
Archer Daniels Midland says GMO corn is killing US exports to China25 November 2014
Why is Bill Gates backing GMO red banana "biopiracy"?25 November 2014
Why the precautionary principle matters24 November 2014
Gene-silencing and the "Arctic" apple23 November 2014
"Refuge-in-a-bag" doesn't work in delaying pest resistance to Bt maize21 November 2014
“Green Super Rice” can help feed the world’s poor, say developers21 November 2014
Want to wipe out earthworms and ruin your soil? Use glyphosate21 November 2014
Glyphosate and the deterioration of America's health21 November 2014
Principles of good scientific advice21 November 2014
Breeder annoyed GM given credit for yield hikes20 November 2014
Syngenta facing dozens of lawsuits over GMO seed19 November 2014
Vermont fights attempt to block GMO labelling law19 November 2014
GRACE Consortium cannot invalidate criticism of feeding trials18 November 2014
Armyworm resistance to GMO crops seen in US – study18 November 2014
Can you be sceptical about GM but believe in climate change?17 November 2014
World scientists and academics demand halt to GMO field trials in Thailand17 November 2014
Neil Young boycotts Starbucks over GMO lawsuit17 November 2014
McDonald's won't sell Simplot GMO potato16 November 2014
Monsanto settles with wheat growers over GM contamination15 November 2014
Life or death over seeds – worldwide seed war rages14 November 2014
Don’t ask how to feed the 9 billion14 November 2014
Monsanto and Dow sue Maui County over GMO cultivation ban14 November 2014
Pharma corn in Monterey County14 November 2014
Dow limits sales of GMO soy, corn on China worries13 November 2014
European Commission scraps chief scientific adviser position13 November 2014
Living with GMOs - Letter from America to the UK and EU12 November 2014
EU GM crop bans: Commission and Council must heed Parliament12 November 2014
GMO lobbyist Julian Little misleads the public over Factor GMO study12 November 2014
Largest international study into safety of GM food launched by Russian NGO12 November 2014
EU Parliament votes to give European countries legally solid right to ban GM cultivation11 November 2014
UK: GM foods slip into M&S08 November 2014
Poorly tested gene silencing technology to enter food supply with Simplot potato08 November 2014
Suspected manipulation of EU-funded animal feeding study with GM maize07 November 2014
Bt brinjal seeds smuggled into India?06 November 2014
Parliament expected to make breakthrough on countries’ right to ban GM crop cultivation06 November 2014
Ballot news from the USA05 November 2014
Victory for Maui GMO farming ban05 November 2014
GM contamination cannot be contained – new paper05 November 2014
Gates Foundation spends bulk of agriculture grants in rich countries04 November 2014
Genetic modification in Flanders: The appeal of the Wetteren 1103 November 2014
Bangladesh research institute moves to popularise Bt brinjal03 November 2014
Agent Orange-related herbicide approved for GMO crops – EPA sued 02 November 2014
India does not have the competence to play around with GM foods – geneticist02 November 2014
Honest food labels can help save monarchs01 November 2014
49 Members of US Congress protested against 2,4-D crops approval01 November 2014
"We’ll design every human on a computer and make poop smell like bananas"01 November 2014
Biotech corn enters export minefield01 November 2014
Plant scientists urge Europe to "stop blocking GM trials on political grounds"30 October 2014