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2013 articles

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GM Freeze celebrates a GM-free New Year in UK fields31 December 2013
Brazil delays approving Terminator seed until February 201426 December 2013
Let's give the scientific literature a good cleanup26 December 2013
Farmers vs Monsanto: Farmers file brief to protect crops against contamination24 December 2013
Is GM quicker than conventional breeding?23 December 2013
GM crops bring higher agrochemical use and lower productivity in Brazil - report23 December 2013
Mexican scientists criticise journal's retraction of study on GMO23 December 2013
GM blight-resistant potato: Another GMO white elephant21 December 2013
US GMO corn smuggled into China may have caused crop failure20 December 2013
Double standards used to dismiss Séralini study – new peer-reviewed paper20 December 2013
Europe: Take action against Pioneer's GM maize 150719 December 2013
Russian food security experts fight GMO registrations in Supreme Court19 December 2013
Russian scientists urge 10-year ban on GM products19 December 2013
Was lawyer working for Monsanto behind Terminator legislation?13 December 2013
EU court annuls approval of BASF's Amflora GMO potato13 December 2013
Unease among Brazil's farmers over vote on Terminator12 December 2013
Did journal editor read the Séralini paper before retracting it?11 December 2013
URGENT: Please sign petition NOW against release of terminator seeds in Brazil10 December 2013
More on Brazilian Commission's Terminator plan10 December 2013
Hawaiian islands take more steps to limit spread of GMOs10 December 2013
Dr Michael Hansen attacks scientific censorship10 December 2013
Nearly 300 experts agree GMOs not proven safe10 December 2013
Monsanto faces lawsuits of USD 1 billion09 December 2013
Oxitec backs down from GM flies release after government health questions09 December 2013
The post-GMO economy08 December 2013
What consumers should know about the Seralini study retraction - professor05 December 2013
Retracting Séralini study violates science and ethics05 December 2013
GM crop roll out threatens Bangladeshi export markets05 December 2013
What statins, trans fats, and GMOs tell us about scientific controversies05 December 2013
Big protests against Monsanto in Argentina04 December 2013
Ratted out: Scientific journal bows to Monsanto over GMO study03 December 2013
GMO hype based on retracted science01 December 2013
A sad day for science - Dr Nancy Swanson on the Seralini paper retraction01 December 2013
China rejects 60,000 tons of GM corn from the US01 December 2013
The lessons for GM from trans fats01 December 2013
A scientist responds to criticism of the Séralini study30 November 2013
Conflicts of interest at Food and Chemical Toxicology and Elsevier30 November 2013
Orwellian airbrushing of scientific record30 November 2013
Journal retraction of Seralini paper "a flagrant abuse of science" - scientists' network29 November 2013
Member of the Academy of Sciences supports Séralini28 November 2013
Prof Séralini responds to FCT28 November 2013
Deformities, sickness and livestock deaths: The real cost of GM animal feed?28 November 2013
Séralini asked to retract his article on a GMO maize - he refuses28 November 2013
Scientific press on a tight corporate leash28 November 2013
Journal retraction of Séralini study is illicit, unscientific, and unethical27 November 2013
Canada approves production of GM salmon eggs on commercial scale26 November 2013
Mark Lynas is lying again!26 November 2013
Genetically modified politicians25 November 2013
Scientists speak out against GM foods25 November 2013
New German coalition would seek stricter labelling of GMO-fed meat25 November 2013
GM salmon firm facing environmental complaint in Panama25 November 2013
Monsanto protester Sofia Gatica attacked25 November 2013
Help Bangladeshis stop GMO eggplant23 November 2013
Non-GM corn yields as well as or better than GM22 November 2013
GMOs in Europe news update20 November 2013
Protester receives death threat over anti-Monsanto protest in Argentina20 November 2013
More than 250 eminent Indian scientists warn Prime Minister about GMOs20 November 2013
Studies show GM wheat not needed to combat aphids19 November 2013
GMOSeralini website now available in Spanish19 November 2013
UK Government will defend Monsanto in GMO court case brought by civil society groups19 November 2013
Kauai's GMO and pesticide bill set to become law after veto override17 November 2013
Philanthropy's original sin16 November 2013
Fruit growers demand ban on GM apple over market fears16 November 2013
Study: Monsanto GMO food claims probably false16 November 2013
Vandana Shiva on seed monopolies, GMOs, and farmer suicides in India16 November 2013
GMO sweetcorn rare in US supermarkets16 November 2013
How Roundup can promote cancer - new study16 November 2013
Herbicide-resistant weeds becoming massive problem, researchers warn14 November 2013
Spread of GM plants out of control in many countries12 November 2013
Can the scientific reputation of Pamela Ronald be salvaged?12 November 2013
GMO apples rejected by McDonald's, Gerber10 November 2013
GM crops ban to be extended in South Australia10 November 2013
Scientists with GM industry links more likely to withhold data - study08 November 2013
Over 200 scientists agree "no consensus on GMO safety" - food industry mag08 November 2013
Corporate cash sways voters on GMO foods07 November 2013
EU Commission allows SmartStax for food and feed07 November 2013
Complacency about GM risky, say academics07 November 2013
GM maize cartels gorge profits on South Africa's poor07 November 2013
Breaking the Frame: Food, GM and Synthetic Biology07 November 2013
The continuing benefits of the precautionary principle - Jonathon Porritt07 November 2013
90% of New Hampshire voters want GMO labelling05 November 2013
New rules being smuggled into trade agreements undermine democracy05 November 2013
Take action today! Stop toxic GM maize04 November 2013
The science behind Hawaii's GMO Bill 11302 November 2013
Rifts emerge in scientists’ views on safety of GMOs02 November 2013
1% of UK research on agroecology, 15% on GM crops30 October 2013
The founding fables of industrialised agriculture30 October 2013
Developer of first commercialised GM food says debate isn’t over30 October 2013
Heresy in 1663 and 201330 October 2013
Why I support GM labelling: Washington University academic29 October 2013
Astroturf tramples grassroots in Washington State28 October 2013
Pesticide illness triggers anti-Monsanto protest in Argentina28 October 2013
Monsanto's failed GM Maize pushed into rest of Africa26 October 2013
What I wish I'd said at the World Food Prize26 October 2013
Owen Paterson: the minister for GM hype24 October 2013
High levels of glyphosate residues found in Argentine soy22 October 2013
Terminator is dead, for the moment21 October 2013
Farmers' Weekly on scientists' "no consensus on GMO safety" statement21 October 2013
Scientists issue safety warning over GM food as government pushes for public acceptance21 October 2013
No consensus on GMO safety - scientists release statement21 October 2013