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2012 articles

Title Created Date
GM salmon step closer to our dining table26 Dec 2012
Who will pay for failed GM crops?26 Dec 2012
Deadly GM food26 Dec 2012
Momentum for GMO labeling growing across US24 Dec 2012
Bad science used to approve GM salmon24 Dec 2012
Scientist raises concerns about GM crops and glyphosate24 Dec 2012
Support the Wetteren 1124 Dec 2012
Science and politics22 Dec 2012
FDA clears way for GM salmon22 Dec 2012
GM sprouts, flatulence, and hot air22 Dec 2012
Illegal imports of GM maize into the EU?20 Dec 2012
A red warning light: Reflections on Seralini by a biologist20 Dec 2012
GMO safety studies - EU Parliament and Council get tough19 Dec 2012
Monsanto ad claiming Roundup safety is misleading - Dutch commission19 Dec 2012
Probe nails scientists in GM crop scandal18 Dec 2012
Appeals Court backs whistleblower in GM virus case18 Dec 2012
'Frankenstein food' a good thing? It's all great GM lies18 Dec 2012
Commission and EFSA agree need for two-year GMO feeding studies18 Dec 2012
Public can't see industry toxicity studies on glyphosate - court18 Dec 2012
Cameron attacked as deceitful in new GM row17 Dec 2012
Monsanto gets its way in ag bill15 Dec 2012
Roundup harms beneficial gut bacteria - study15 Dec 2012
GM scientists found guilty of fraud and cover up15 Dec 2012
Golden Rice project reveals lack of scientific ethics14 Dec 2012
Kenya GMO ban: the industry fights back13 Dec 2012
Growing maize disaster in Mexico13 Dec 2012
Are the GM industry and failed bankers directing UK agriculture policy ?13 Dec 2012
Smelling a corporate rat: Séralini attackers exposed13 Dec 2012
U.S. trade deal a lot for Europe to swallow13 Dec 2012
Discrepancies remain over Golden Rice trial12 Dec 2012
Groups challenge Monsanto attack on farmer for seed saving11 Dec 2012
Prop 37 election fraud? - Take action now11 Dec 2012
MEPs unhappy with EFSA assessment of Seralini study11 Dec 2012
Reactions to Owen Paterson on GM foods10 Dec 2012
Owen Paterson wrong on GM crops10 Dec 2012
Owen Paterson backs UK-grown GM food10 Dec 2012
Not everyone’s in favour of proper toxicological testing of GMOs10 Dec 2012
India: Judges slam flawed bill to fast-track GM10 Dec 2012
Families in Golden Rice test lied to10 Dec 2012
China sacks officials involved in GM rice test07 Dec 2012
The growing doubt over GM crops06 Dec 2012
Long march against Monsanto in Costa Rica06 Dec 2012
Illegal GM sugar beet plantings06 Dec 2012
Independent science in jeopardy06 Dec 2012
EU Parliamentary Committee questions EFSA's integrity05 Dec 2012
Tell Morrisons what a GM turkey it is05 Dec 2012
GM babies - do you want a say?30 Nov 2012
EFSA has lost touch with reality30 Nov 2012
GM lobby continue their retraction campaign30 Nov 2012
Is the UK setting up a poverty trap for African farmers?30 Nov 2012
EFSA's final report on Seralini fans flames of controversy29 Nov 2012
DuPont sends in former cops to enforce seed patents29 Nov 2012
Feeding the world's hungry and growing population27 Nov 2012
The GM battle rolls on to India27 Nov 2012
GM industry funds UK parliamentary group to promote GM27 Nov 2012
Bt cotton hit by 40% yield failure: Government admits26 Nov 2012
400 African organisations call for ban on GM crops26 Nov 2012
French protesters destroy imported GM soya26 Nov 2012
Maharashtra reports massive Bt cotton failure26 Nov 2012
Those bugs "are going to outsmart us"26 Nov 2012
Monsanto warns against animals grazing Roundup Ready winter canola25 Nov 2012
Was Roundup approval based on bad science?23 Nov 2012
Debate on safety of Monsanto's GM maize continues23 Nov 2012
Stop wasting taxpayers' R&D on PR for GM crops23 Nov 2012
Africa – Calling for a GMO-free continent23 Nov 2012
Future ban on bee-killing pesticides investigated23 Nov 2012
Doctor speaks on Seralini, GMO safety, and industry "science"22 Nov 2012
Monsanto seeks to take over Mexico's heartland22 Nov 2012
Government collusion alleged in derailing of Monsanto biopiracy prosecution22 Nov 2012
Ban GMOs, top Indian scientist urges government22 Nov 2012
Importation of all GMO foods banned in Kenya21 Nov 2012
Organic farmers condemn US report, claim it favors GMO21 Nov 2012
Author of GM corn study hits back at critics21 Nov 2012
Transfer of officer probing biopiracy case raises eyebrows21 Nov 2012
Gene scientist tells public why GMOs are unsafe21 Nov 2012
GM 2,4-D-tolerant crops to accelerate pesticide use20 Nov 2012
Obama promises, organic boycotts and label-it-yourself!20 Nov 2012
Suspended sentences for wrecking GM crop20 Nov 2012
President advocates GMOs even in the pulpit20 Nov 2012
Russia and Poland battle against GMOs19 Nov 2012
Scientists' call to action against GM corn in Mexico19 Nov 2012
Support the opposition to GM maize in Mexico19 Nov 2012
European public development money for Monsanto?19 Nov 2012
Attacks on Seralini "about large sums of money"19 Nov 2012
EFSA: A playground of the biotech industry?18 Nov 2012
U.S. closes antitrust investigation into seed industry, Monsanto18 Nov 2012
Now five Environment ministers want review of GM approvals18 Nov 2012
Growing wave of resistance to attacks on Seralini17 Nov 2012
DuPont-Dow GM corn defeated by armyworms16 Nov 2012
MEPs demand better evaluation of GMOs16 Nov 2012
Anti-GM protests throughout Latin America16 Nov 2012
Lines drawn on GMOs in Costa Rica16 Nov 2012
Outrage in Nigeria over gene giants food crops coup16 Nov 2012
The great Mexican maize massacre15 Nov 2012
Claims of long-term safety of GM foods flawed15 Nov 2012
GM tree plantations hyped as answer to world's energy needs15 Nov 2012
EU patents on GM chimps challenged15 Nov 2012
EFSA's anniversary hit by protest15 Nov 2012
Bugs damaging Monsanto's corn may do same to Syngenta's15 Nov 2012
Implications of Obama's second term15 Nov 2012