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2009 articles

Title Created Date
American Public Health Association opposes GM hormone23 Dec 2009
New study shows "strong evidence" of Bt resistance22 Dec 2009
New study adds to Monsanto's antitrust troubles17 Dec 2009
"Our farms are not for sale on the climate market"16 Dec 2009
Intensified lobbying for GMOs in India16 Dec 2009
Safety tests dodged on Bt brinjal16 Dec 2009
Study proves three Monsanto corn varieties' noxiousness to the organism16 Dec 2009
GM cowboy dumps GM canola at non-GM depot16 Dec 2009
Monsanto wins worst lobbying award15 Dec 2009
Monsanto's aggressive seed business tactics revealed in confidential contracts13 Dec 2009
Former US Deputy Secretary of Agriculture says Africa doesn't need GM13 Dec 2009
Pusztai to receive Stuttgart Peace Prize 11 Dec 2009
Three approved GMOs found unsafe11 Dec 2009
GM 'no sure fix' for nitrogen overload09 Dec 2009
MON810 feeding trials worthless09 Dec 2009
Angry Mermaid banned from talks09 Dec 2009
Building a new climate and food future09 Dec 2009
Alert to climate negotiators - Let's look before we leap!09 Dec 2009
Copenhagen, agriculture and GMOs09 Dec 2009
Bayer verdict shows why GM trials must be stopped07 Dec 2009
Tories won't embrace GM foods07 Dec 2009
Study exposes ignorance about GMOs07 Dec 2009
TAKE ACTION: Poland under threat07 Dec 2009
Website helps shoppers avoid GM foods06 Dec 2009
Scientist confirms GM maize unsafe06 Dec 2009
Necessary tests on Bt brinjal not done 06 Dec 2009
Bt cotton exacerbating soil health crisis in India's farm suicide belt06 Dec 2009
Large concentrations of GM DNA found in soil food web05 Dec 2009
Iowa law firm files as Monsanto lobbyist05 Dec 2009
Copenhagen: Let's look before we leap!05 Dec 2009
$2 million verdict against Bayer 05 Dec 2009
Food sustainability: Modified opinions04 Dec 2009
Carbon sequestration and peak soil04 Dec 2009
New evidence shows huge price rises for GM seed - summary by GMWatch03 Dec 2009
Huge price rises for GM seed - report03 Dec 2009
Honey bees in peril03 Dec 2009
Western Australia's GM ban to stand03 Dec 2009
Crony of agriculture chief now a Monsanto lobbyist02 Dec 2009
Genetically Modified Economist02 Dec 2009
Latest news via Twitter01 Dec 2009
As bees continue to die off ...30 Nov 2009
More on India's GM scandal30 Nov 2009
Withdraw "rigged" Bt brinjal report30 Nov 2009
Smallholder solutions to hunger, poverty and climate change29 Nov 2009
Ten reasons to say NO to Bt brinjal29 Nov 2009
China approves GM rice safety29 Nov 2009
EU conference fails because of bias28 Nov 2009
Science favours GM opponents27 Nov 2009
Letter to Rooker on labelling26 Nov 2009
Mexico's transgenic maize under fire26 Nov 2009
A response to a Shantharam tantrum26 Nov 2009
More on GM-free label good for business26 Nov 2009
Label call for ALL foods from GM crops26 Nov 2009
Consumers demand honest GM labelling26 Nov 2009
More on PG Economics' methodological creativity25 Nov 2009
Dr Chuck Benbrook on PG Economics' methodological creativity25 Nov 2009
People want independent info on GM25 Nov 2009
The Dangers of Genetically Modified Wheat25 Nov 2009
Silvia Ribeiro Talks About Fighting GM Contamination in Mexico25 Nov 2009
GMO Rice in Kansas25 Nov 2009
Coming Soon - GM Rice25 Nov 2009
The Genetic Conspiracy24 Nov 2009
Bayer offloads banned AIDS-infected blood product in Europe, Asia, Latin America24 Nov 2009
Fox News kills Monsanto story24 Nov 2009
Genetically Modified Food Issues - Educational Video24 Nov 2009
Genetically engineered crops in agriculture24 Nov 2009
Colin Tudge: Agribusiness Presents a Threat to Climate Adaptation Strategies24 Nov 2009
Colin Tudge: 'Feeding People is Easy' Unless We Use GM Seeds24 Nov 2009
Skylines beyond the summit23 Nov 2009
Scientists concerned for academic freedom 23 Nov 2009
Re: GM-free label good for business23 Nov 2009
Kimbrell on the Benbrook report22 Nov 2009
India's GM regulators should be behind bars - Devinder Sharma22 Nov 2009
Key findings: GM and pesticides report21 Nov 2009
Call for re-think on research priorities20 Nov 2009
Cherry picking GM and pesticides report20 Nov 2009
Why US keen to sell Bt brinjal to India19 Nov 2009
Re: Bob Watson on GM crops19 Nov 2009
Patent on use of human egg cells19 Nov 2009
GM Nation, feed thyself 19 Nov 2009
Biofuel push leads to world hunger, economist says19 Nov 2009
Bob Watson on GM crops19 Nov 2009
GM-free label good for business18 Nov 2009
New report shows pesticide use accelerating with GM crops17 Nov 2009
Not another GM debate17 Nov 2009
GM crops cause big jump in pesticide use: report17 Nov 2009
Voting opens for worst climate lobbying award16 Nov 2009
More on Monsanto and worst lobbying award 16 Nov 2009
Now Sierra Club tell Gates he's wrong15 Nov 2009
Puerto Rico: GM crop haven15 Nov 2009
Will our views on GM food be 'modified’?14 Nov 2009
"Huge unknowns" with GMOs, conference told13 Nov 2009
Bt brinjal clearance ignored dissenters?11 Nov 2009
New film on why bees are dying11 Nov 2009
Top EFSA official joins Syngenta10 Nov 2009
Problems with Monsanto's omega-3 soy08 Nov 2009
Australia's GM segregation nightmare08 Nov 2009
Where is the science?07 Nov 2009