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2008 articles

Title Created Date
Otter-spotting and birdwatching: the dark heart of the eco-terrorist peril24 Dec 2008
GM crops could divide communities23 Dec 2008
Pivotal papers on GM health and safety21 Dec 2008
How to feed the world21 Dec 2008
GM no solution to global hunger21 Dec 2008
Ban GM food, GEAC member tells PM21 Dec 2008
The demand for GM soya drops19 Dec 2008
GM contaminated crop grown in blunder19 Dec 2008
"Dear Mr Obama"19 Dec 2008
Chinese want GM-free foods -- like their leaders19 Dec 2008
Obama on Vilsack -- the death of hope?19 Dec 2008
GM food: technology vs democracy19 Dec 2008
The logic and wisdom of Tom Vilsack18 Dec 2008
End of year distractions18 Dec 2008
Indian GM crops battle heats up18 Dec 2008
Feeding the World conference: presentations available18 Dec 2008
Obama picks Vilsack as Agriculture secretary17 Dec 2008
Does GM live up to its promise? BBC Radio17 Dec 2008
Tensions rise over GM soya production17 Dec 2008
Vilsack Not "Change We Can Believe In"17 Dec 2008
Commission to NGOs: "big business rules OK"16 Dec 2008
Re: WWF still accomplice to greenwashing16 Dec 2008
Companies Not Prepared for Cloned Animals16 Dec 2008
GM feed is not the answer for our animals16 Dec 2008
WWF still accomplice to greenwashing15 Dec 2008
India's Prime Minister warned of regulatory capitulation15 Dec 2008
GMO Contamination in Mexico's Cradle of Corn -- Le Monde14 Dec 2008
One gene, one protein, one function - not so14 Dec 2008
Monsanto makes "most influential" list13 Dec 2008
Will Obama buck the trend and regulate GMOs?13 Dec 2008
EU gets ready to test waters on GMO crop growing13 Dec 2008
GM foods are a health risk11 Dec 2008
GM contamination risk underestimated -- study11 Dec 2008
The Problem with GM Nutritionally Enhanced Plants11 Dec 2008
Concerns over GM highlighted by new report11 Dec 2008
Bread and Roses: The Politics of Food -- Lecture by Hilary Benn11 Dec 2008
Transcript of David King's "Street Science"10 Dec 2008
Who can we trust on GM food?10 Dec 2008
Write to Obama re secretary of agriculture candidates10 Dec 2008
India's health minister opposes GM crops10 Dec 2008
EU ministers back GM-free zones09 Dec 2008
Purple tomatoes/Transposons/Non-target effects08 Dec 2008
The hidden cost of GM animal feed08 Dec 2008
Nature on IAASTD and banGMfood08 Dec 2008
Re: Urgent reminder -- take action by December 908 Dec 2008
GM salt tolerance 'too complex' to achieve07 Dec 2008
Urgent reminder -- take action by December 906 Dec 2008
Bush's Environmental Legacy on GMOs Is Irreversible06 Dec 2008
Official warning on US GM crop trials06 Dec 2008
EU GMO campaign success!05 Dec 2008
More quotes from EFSA former Chair04 Dec 2008
'Doctors for Food & Bio-Safety' on GM foods04 Dec 2008
Former EFSA Chair questions GMO risk assessments!04 Dec 2008
Unauthorized GM cotton contaminates animal feed04 Dec 2008
Contamination occurs as USDA finalizes weaker biotech rules03 Dec 2008
David King promoting GM on the BBC / Jimmy's Farm strictly GM-free!03 Dec 2008
Norms for GM crop testing created by biotech industry03 Dec 2008
Petition to Obama on labeling03 Dec 2008
Monsanto losing market share / Only 24 hrs to go!03 Dec 2008
Less than 48 hours to go / EFSA lies and incompetence02 Dec 2008
IP And Genetically Modified Organisms: A Fateful Combination02 Dec 2008
Scientists speak out in support of Dr Bhargava02 Dec 2008
TAKE ACTION on greenwashing of GM soy01 Dec 2008
Lawlessness and loopholes for transgenics01 Dec 2008
Obama's team includes dangerous biotech "Yes Men"30 Nov 2008
Britain tries to block vital GM safeguard30 Nov 2008
Explosive advance of transgenics29 Nov 2008
How much GM is really in our food?28 Nov 2008
Failure of GM bananas hidden by documentary27 Nov 2008
Jimmy's GM Food Fix27 Nov 2008
3000 hectares of illegal GM corn in Poland with industry assistance25 Nov 2008
Monsanto predicts GM crops coming to UK soon25 Nov 2008
Robert Paarlberg challenged25 Nov 2008
Protest at EU HQ / No market for GM crops24 Nov 2008
Voice of dissent rises in India24 Nov 2008
Jimmy's GM food fight24 Nov 2008
Tasmania Bans GM Until 2014 / GM food push like Hitler24 Nov 2008
Obama, Bush and agbiotech24 Nov 2008
Roundup Ready 2 Yield as much as conventional soybeans?24 Nov 2008
GM cheerleader touted as US secretary of ag20 Nov 2008
Stealth GMOs -- time to TAKE ACTION19 Nov 2008
How To Fight Super Pests? Build Superbugs19 Nov 2008
Animal problems in India converge with scientific findings in Austria18 Nov 2008
Defra denies secret GM trials18 Nov 2008
Food for paranoia, fired whistleblower says18 Nov 2008
"Life-sucking Bt" / Call for ban after more animal deaths18 Nov 2008
GM crops to be grown at military sites17 Nov 2008
GM Canola Approved on False Grounds17 Nov 2008
Safety trials on GM products raise concerns worldwide17 Nov 2008
Government plans secret GM crop trials17 Nov 2008
How to Rig a Monsanto GM trial15 Nov 2008
Much-hyped GM landmine detection fails14 Nov 2008
Victory! GM ban passed on Big Island, Hawaii, USA / Canada's 3rd GM Free Zone14 Nov 2008
Playing with fire in Orissa's farmland13 Nov 2008
Excellent EU update + links to reports13 Nov 2008
GM contamination of Mexican maize confirmed13 Nov 2008
Press release on Ammann smears13 Nov 2008
Supreme Court row continues in India12 Nov 2008