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2007 articles

Title Created Date
New book on GMOs and socioeconomic considerations28 Dec 2007
War in the rice fields28 Dec 2007
Cabinet refuses to lift ban on open-field crop trials27 Dec 2007
CGS - 2007 in Review - GENETIC CROSSROADS27 Dec 2007
Tests in research stations make a mockery of GM ban27 Dec 2007
Both Sides Cite Science to Address Altered Corn26 Dec 2007
Subsidies for Monsanto's corn in US and Philippines26 Dec 2007
Government advises not growing Bt cotton in Vidarbha24 Dec 2007
Monsanto busted for contempt of Advertising Authority in South Africa24 Dec 2007
Ethics is real issue behind milk-labeling controversy23 Dec 2007
Mexico: Transgenic Maize Knocking at the Door23 Dec 2007
Credibility of Food Safety Regulation takes a Significant Hit21 Dec 2007
GM maize found at deserted farm in Thailand21 Dec 2007
The risks of modified foods21 Dec 2007
Update from GM-Free Brazil20 Dec 2007
Bar corporate indemnification of Monsanto's directors19 Dec 2007
Scientist who claimed GM could solve hunger admits he got it wrong19 Dec 2007
10,000 Thai consumers and farmers petition against18 Dec 2007
Contaminated rice on Canadian store shelves18 Dec 2007
Dioxin lawsuits still possible against Monsanto18 Dec 2007
Synthetic DNA on the brink18 Dec 2007
Bove to go on anti-GMO hunger strike17 Dec 2007
Chief scientist must apologise for misleading GM claims17 Dec 2007
Conference Demands Zero Tolerance17 Dec 2007
Endorsement of GM crops a "bunch of lies"17 Dec 2007
FDA approval of clone food stalled17 Dec 2007
GM foods in India - label and tell17 Dec 2007
GM will taint natural canola crop17 Dec 2007
Nature's genetically modified editorial17 Dec 2007
"Demob-happy" chief scientist under attack16 Dec 2007
Advocate linked to GM hormone industry16 Dec 2007
Tell the Governors to label rBGH-Free milk!15 Dec 2007
Response to Prof Beddington, incoming chief scientist14 Dec 2007
"MNCs Gaining Total Control Over Farming"13 Dec 2007
GM foods can be dangerous. But you do the research13 Dec 2007
Indigenous Groups Defend Mexican Corn13 Dec 2007
Nature editorial attacks Dimas13 Dec 2007
Protest Against Decision to Cancel the GM Moratorium13 Dec 2007
Avery's rave from the grave12 Dec 2007
Post your message directly on EU Commissioners' blogs12 Dec 2007
Showdown for Europe12 Dec 2007
Synthia gets a shotgun - goodbye genetic engineering?12 Dec 2007
Wambugu's myth-making exposed again12 Dec 2007
Activist escapes jail11 Dec 2007
GM Soy in Brazil Will Kill the Amazon and Boost Global Warming by 50%11 Dec 2007
Monsanto: Winning the Ground War10 Dec 2007
Peasants Storm Brazil Syngenta Farm10 Dec 2007
What is Nature Biotechnology good for?08 Dec 2007
Editor admits to serious errors of judgement08 Dec 2007
Nature Biotechnology - Ermakova correspondence goes live08 Dec 2007
France bans use of GM seeds07 Dec 2007
Round 2 for Biotech Beets07 Dec 2007
Sowing a bitter harvest07 Dec 2007
Another mad rant from David King06 Dec 2007
Head of GM panel in conflict claims06 Dec 2007
New book on GMOs in Africa06 Dec 2007
New Coalition for a GMO Free Poland06 Dec 2007
Oceania at risk from GMOs / Qatar to label GMO products06 Dec 2007
Parliamentary motion against scientific misrepresentation and fraud06 Dec 2007
The hidden truth about GM06 Dec 2007
Victoria and NSW lose canola trade to Western Australia06 Dec 2007
Who pulled the plug on the GM Watch website?06 Dec 2007
"Biowatch ruling a lesson for NGOs" - a response05 Dec 2007
No GM papaya field trials for now in Thailand05 Dec 2007
State governments provoke GM crops outrage05 Dec 2007
Warning labels for transgenics in Brazil - even under 1%05 Dec 2007
"Doomsday Seed Vault" in the Arctic04 Dec 2007
CRIIGEN slams complacency, connivance and "defective understanding" of GM advisory bodies04 Dec 2007
French union urges farmers not to buy GMO seeds04 Dec 2007
GM a millstone, MP warns04 Dec 2007
Thai Cabinet decides today on GM crop trials04 Dec 2007
Genetically engineered spin03 Dec 2007
Help make Europe GMO free - ACT NOW!03 Dec 2007
MP attacks scientist on GM canola03 Dec 2007
Non-GM farmers call for strict liability on GM crops03 Dec 2007
Rethinking the Risks of Viral Transgenes in Plants03 Dec 2007
Support EU-wide legal action against EFSA03 Dec 2007
Citizens' outrage in the Australian press01 Dec 2007
Health and safety before GM canola01 Dec 2007
Councils have power to stop GM crops in Australia30 Nov 2007
Lies, corruption and vested interest driving GM in Oz30 Nov 2007
EU health chief sees no move on GMO zero tolerance30 Nov 2007
"Independent review" was PR exercise that will hurt farmers29 Nov 2007
"Wormy" corn paper called "fraudulent" again29 Nov 2007
Indo-US deal bad for farmers29 Nov 2007
Nuts, negligence and character assassination29 Nov 2007
Seeds of doubt in Australia29 Nov 2007
"GM Canola will be everywhere"28 Nov 2007
Farmers threaten legal action over GM crops28 Nov 2007
Greenpeace rains on EFB's parade28 Nov 2007
Pennsylvania backing down on GM hormone labels?28 Nov 2007
Premier comes a cropper with GM claim28 Nov 2007
Superb overview of Oz GM ban issues28 Nov 2007
$500,000 fine over biotech bentgrass27 Nov 2007
Eating GM foods is a health risk27 Nov 2007
Furore as ban on crops lifted27 Nov 2007
King exaggerates GM progress27 Nov 2007
Nukes, GMOs and dead badgers - David King's policy wish list27 Nov 2007
Seeds of destruction sown in Australia27 Nov 2007