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2005 articles

Title Created Date
Krebs dazzles kids with GM onion30 Dec 2005
Report blasts USDA oversight of test fields30 Dec 2005
Indian state govt to fight Bt companies in court28 Dec 2005
Discontent Simmers Over Change in German Farm Policy24 Dec 2005
Japan to test Canadian rapeseed / US Bt tainted cargo no.14 / Vow to destroy GM crops24 Dec 2005
Biotech Company Closes After Running Out of Cash23 Dec 2005
Brazil - contraband transgenic maize causes alarm23 Dec 2005
German minister okays GM crops23 Dec 2005
Bt okra field trial - major violations23 Dec 2005
How United States intervention works - USAID's covert agenda in Africa23 Dec 2005
European Commission allows genetic contamination of organic farming22 Dec 2005
Spilling the Beans on lack of GM food testing22 Dec 2005
Bt cotton introduced in haste - expert21 Dec 2005
Controversial GM expert targets teenagers21 Dec 2005
Kraft Promises to Sell Non-GE Food in China21 Dec 2005
Real health risk from GM crops / Scientists need philosophers21 Dec 2005
Urgent - JIGMOD scientists' letter21 Dec 2005
Faked data, unethical egg procurement, cover-ups, and lies in stem cell and cloning scandal20 Dec 2005
Independent Scientists' letter for Joint International GMO Opposition Day20 Dec 2005
Krebs repeats Monsanto's lie20 Dec 2005
Let Them Eat Precaution - new book on GM20 Dec 2005
When Technology Displaces the Farmer20 Dec 2005
Belarus decrees GM food must be labelled / Russian labelling tightened19 Dec 2005
WTO - The Poor Stay Poor And We Carry on Polluting19 Dec 2005
"Asian Action to Stop GM Rice" at WTO meeting / The Anti-GM Rice Movement in Japan18 Dec 2005
Govt warned of Bt cotton suicides / Bt leaves villagers destitute18 Dec 2005
New reports on Bt cotton failure in India18 Dec 2005
WTO - "A new freedom struggle" / Civil disobedience call over GMOs18 Dec 2005
New Scientist letter on GM food testing17 Dec 2005
Precautionary principle more scientific than "sound science"?17 Dec 2005
Death Along the Famished Road16 Dec 2005
Monsanto's cotton revenues face uphill battle16 Dec 2005
Mandelson rounds on 'fake' US food aid15 Dec 2005
Protesters Attempt to Influence World Trade Talks15 Dec 2005
S.Korea cell scientist faked results - collaborator15 Dec 2005
Truth suffocator moderating new "science-based" GM website15 Dec 2005
U.S. policy keeps poverty alive15 Dec 2005
GM labelling law in India soon14 Dec 2005
Poor farmers are hungry to have their say on agriculture14 Dec 2005
WTO GM trade war - has Europe lost the case?14 Dec 2005
Biopiracy and GMOs: The Fate of Iraq's Agriculture12 Dec 2005
Hong Kong reverses expulsion of WTO protestor12 Dec 2005
Monsanto and Dow among the 14 Worst Corporate Evildoers12 Dec 2005
Destruction of GM crops was justified - important legal precedent11 Dec 2005
DfID/Syngenta/Brown slammed11 Dec 2005
Most in South Africa reject GM foods / Citizens' views denied in Brazil11 Dec 2005
Good news - French court acquits anti-GMO protesters10 Dec 2005
Companies Overstate Economic Benefits to Rural Communities09 Dec 2005
Kellogg to use genetically modified oil09 Dec 2005
Patrick Moore praises US for rejecting Kyoto09 Dec 2005
Police to step up probe into GM papaya09 Dec 2005
WTO rules against EU in GMO case09 Dec 2005
Benn defends aid for GM crops08 Dec 2005
GM has led to lost opportunities in plant science08 Dec 2005
Suffocating the truth over GM in Africa08 Dec 2005
Access all areas - Syngenta / Bum week for GMOs07 Dec 2005
Illinois farmers want to be able to keep some patented seeds07 Dec 2005
Mali's David v Goliath GM stuggle - BBC07 Dec 2005
Pakistan to allow Bt cotton farming from next year, PM says07 Dec 2005
Study says farmers benefiting from higher yields, lower costs07 Dec 2005
Brazil enacts GM law / GM coffee in Brazil06 Dec 2005
No regulatory involvement in GM pea study or decision06 Dec 2005
Consumers International intensifies anti-GM campaign05 Dec 2005
Documentary on Bt cotton "busts myths"05 Dec 2005
Latest Pusztai review published / Pusztai on GM pea study misinformation05 Dec 2005
Syngenta-New Labour love-fest / DfID's new ag policy05 Dec 2005
Warning on bitter GM Harvest05 Dec 2005
EU Eyes WTO Case to Drive Policy Forward on GMOs02 Dec 2005
Illegal GM corn found in Brazil02 Dec 2005
Monsanto seizes Confederation Paysanne's bank account02 Dec 2005
A disaster called Bt cotton - The Times of India01 Dec 2005
Give us the right to ban GM foods!01 Dec 2005
Independent tests on GM canola varieties01 Dec 2005
Prof Schubert replies to Bradford et al01 Dec 2005
Scientists,others caution against biotech in Africa30 Nov 2005
Reuters corrects reporting of GM lobby30 Nov 2005
Playing with our food - superb article30 Nov 2005
GM opposition day/conferences/taxing GM farmers/GM free regions30 Nov 2005
Debate rages over Bt cotton30 Nov 2005
Total ban on field trials of GM food crops sought in India29 Nov 2005
Syngenta & co responsible for rampant child labour on Indian cotton farms29 Nov 2005
Monsanto's new website with farmers punting biotech29 Nov 2005
China committee not recommending GMO rice29 Nov 2005
Background on "spectacular victory" in Switzerland29 Nov 2005
Austria to launch EU-wide GMO debate after Swiss referendum29 Nov 2005
Indian govt admits failure of Bt cotton in 2 states28 Nov 2005
Independent health testing on GM foods to be funded by govt of Western Australia28 Nov 2005
GM crops highly dangerous, warn Austrian campaigners28 Nov 2005
Complaint filed against Monsanto's "misleading" ad28 Nov 2005
Switzerland backs GM crop ban27 Nov 2005
Pusztai replies to Amman27 Nov 2005
New evidence of harm from GM food triggers call for immediate ban25 Nov 2005
Bt cotton implicated in farmer suicides25 Nov 2005
Risky business - Brazil's corporate-connected scientists24 Nov 2005
Re: Commission authorizes Danish GM compensation scheme24 Nov 2005
Minister won't meet anti-GM farmers24 Nov 2005
Governor asks state govt to probe failure of Bt cotton / Public must have say in GM rice debate24 Nov 2005
GM crops a flop in North America / Benbrook in Oz24 Nov 2005
Cloning pioneer disgraced / GM crops chief suspended in job row24 Nov 2005