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2004 articles

Title Created Date
PR operation on GM foods again exposes EFSA industry-bias29 Dec 2004
Minister to abolish GM scrutiny body29 Dec 2004
Misleading claims on Schmeiser by pro-GM lobbyist28 Dec 2004
2004 - The farmer's view from OZ24 Dec 2004
Bumper crop of GM hype in India23 Dec 2004
1,806 municipalities, 14 regions and 27 provinces in Italy are GM free22 Dec 2004
US to Rubber Stamp Transgene Contamination as Global Model21 Dec 2004
New URGENT campaign for Chapela - protest to Governor Arnie!21 Dec 2004
Monsanto sets up liability fund but it's only the beginning...21 Dec 2004
ACTION! stop the US FDA from legalising contamination21 Dec 2004
Kenyan farmers outraged by push to introduce GM20 Dec 2004
EU ministers block Monsanto's GM rape20 Dec 2004
EU Food Safety Chief says critics "quite mad"!20 Dec 2004
Chapela on Mexico's 'Monsanto Law'20 Dec 2004
GM or non-GM in Oz - Kalla vs Newman19 Dec 2004
Canadian farmers concerned they may be forced to grow GM crops19 Dec 2004
"GMOs to hike farmers' income", and other hype19 Dec 2004
The farce behind Mexico's 'Monsanto law'18 Dec 2004
Indian Workshop on Rice says ban GM18 Dec 2004
Farmers' Alliance launches talks with Sainsbury's18 Dec 2004
Carbon trading and GE trees rapped at UN conference18 Dec 2004
Nobel prize winner says big business browbeating and bribing poor governments to embrace GMOs17 Dec 2004
California dairies ahead to dump GM?17 Dec 2004
Scientists under attack - major GM workshop16 Dec 2004
Oversight on Bioengineered Crops Is Poor, Report Says16 Dec 2004
Pusztai demolishes Preston and Monsanto's safety study claims15 Dec 2004
More controversy over Monsanto study15 Dec 2004
Monsanto's dirty tricks campaign against Ignacio Chapela - global protest15 Dec 2004
Mexican lawmakers pass "Monsanto Law"15 Dec 2004
GM crops do not reduce the use of pesticides, report shows15 Dec 2004
Christian Aid reaffirms its concerns over GM crops15 Dec 2004
Zambia: Govt wants to keep Zambia GM-free14 Dec 2004
Syngenta's PR crop in Kenya delayed14 Dec 2004
Mexico under the cosh - "Tierra, Libertad e Independencia Genética"14 Dec 2004
Coexistence impossible court case shows / More on GM contamination in Japan14 Dec 2004
US becomes net food importer for first time in 50 years13 Dec 2004
Premiums paid as world looks for a reliable supply of Non GMO Soybeans13 Dec 2004
People must not be guinea pigs for GM rice13 Dec 2004
GM corn, soy and rape growing at Shimizu port, Japan13 Dec 2004
Bitter harvest - GM in India13 Dec 2004
No to legalization of GMOs in Mexico12 Dec 2004
Groups claims Bt corn has bad effects on health12 Dec 2004
Fired whistle blowers still fighting12 Dec 2004
Groups seeks to stop biopharming harvest10 Dec 2004
Parliamentary attack on Prakash, Wambugu and deceptive corporate sector09 Dec 2004
GMOs imposed on Kenya, says scholar / US pushing GM in Botswana09 Dec 2004
Biotech crops take root around world?09 Dec 2004
Stand with Ignacio Chapela08 Dec 2004
Russia should stay GM free - International symposium08 Dec 2004
DFID's corporate agenda challenged08 Dec 2004
Company chief 'scuffles with Father Christmases' in GM protest08 Dec 2004
A word of caution from Pakistan on the biotechnology 'miracle'08 Dec 2004
"Secretary of Agribusiness"08 Dec 2004
Take action! Stand up for academic freedom07 Dec 2004
Iraq, Afghanistan: corporate seeds and glyphosate saturation07 Dec 2004
GM herbicide "can hamper the development and activity of the brain"07 Dec 2004
GM food safety research - Why has it not taken place?07 Dec 2004
Banned genetically modified soya beans smuggled into Zambia07 Dec 2004
Oz lobby group promotes anti-environment rebellion to media06 Dec 2004
Help keep Paraguay GM free06 Dec 2004
E-mail the Vatican, say missionaries06 Dec 2004
Anglican church group hits at government stand on GMOs06 Dec 2004
Industry front claims Indonesian farmers want GM05 Dec 2004
Got Hormones - Monsanto's GM hormones for cows cause controversy05 Dec 2004
GM crop promoter becomes Bush's new Ag Secretary05 Dec 2004
The myth of the biotech revolution03 Dec 2004
Asia holds the key to the future of GM food03 Dec 2004
Support the Great Deceiver, and other sick jokes02 Dec 2004
FDA suppressed safety study02 Dec 2004
GMO regs "likely to have a huge impact" / GM law "a blow for science"01 Dec 2004
Embrace democracy, not the People's Front01 Dec 2004
Contamination scandal - serious compliance violations get slap on the wrist01 Dec 2004
Campaigners dismiss 'safe GM' report30 Nov 2004
Differences in gene usage can have a dramatically different effect30 Nov 2004
Dupont-Syngenta GM corn suit settled30 Nov 2004
Fierce opposition to GM in Japan from consumers and farmers30 Nov 2004
Profile of GM food safety chief30 Nov 2004
Syngenta flees Europe altogether!30 Nov 2004
Important new article on GM in India30 Nov 2004
Europe votes to keep GM crop bans29 Nov 2004
New report says field management 'key for GM'29 Nov 2004
South Africa told its delegates to oppose IUCN on GMOs29 Nov 2004
Critique of the Pontifical Academy's "Study-Document on the Use of Genetically Modified Plants to Combat Hunger in the World"28 Nov 2004
Europe's conflicted out advisors - excerpts from "Throwing Caution to the Wind"28 Nov 2004
EU's Food Safety Authority accused of industry bias28 Nov 2004
Open Letter to the Holy See requesting that it does not support genetically engineered food28 Nov 2004
Feeding the World or the Corporations?27 Nov 2004
Genetic theories have as much to do with culture as science27 Nov 2004
Is coexistence possible in India?27 Nov 2004
Pro-GM scientist's fantasy hour in Oz27 Nov 2004
New German law passed! Will help to keep Europe GMO-free26 Nov 2004
The Green Revolution and Genetic Engineering26 Nov 2004
Bayer out of everywhere/FSA's web of deceit24 Nov 2004
Farmers and seed companies can be liable for GM contamination, legal scholars argue24 Nov 2004
German GM study exposes Monsanto paradox24 Nov 2004
IUCN's own press release on global moratorium/Tibet Justice Center on GMOs24 Nov 2004
New report: After GM Food here comes Nano Food!24 Nov 2004
Scientists worried about push for GM rice in China24 Nov 2004
More on IUCN moratorium on GMOs23 Nov 2004
GMOs release blocked at World Conservation Congress23 Nov 2004