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2002 articles

Title Created Date
Starlink "could hurt US" again31 Dec 2002
Alert after GM crops altered other plants30 Dec 2002
Ban on import of GM cottonseed demanded/Bt cotton dashes hopes30 Dec 2002
'Big Food' funded website attacks celebs, foundations30 Dec 2002
Alarming new results show GM crops interbreeding on large scale with conventional ones and weeds29 Dec 2002
Re: "GM crops could revive endangered wildlife"29 Dec 2002
"GM crops could revive endangered wildlife28 Dec 2002
Starlink in US corn cargo/Warning on GM canola28 Dec 2002
Alarm as GM pig vaccine taints US crops24 Dec 2002
Panto special from GM Watch24 Dec 2002
GM foods may threaten food security23 Dec 2002
Seeds of wrath - Patent power grab23 Dec 2002
FSA under attack - Again!/False dawns in the brave new world of genetics22 Dec 2002
Nature's spin on GM crops controversy22 Dec 2002
Syngenta in retreat22 Dec 2002
US misinformation exposed/GM series on BBC radio in New Year/Monsanto sales down, CEO out and weed resistance up21 Dec 2002
"Corn-gate" - Report on GE maize crops savages agencies' role20 Dec 2002
Italy: GM in 40% of food?/Food aid/Malawi20 Dec 2002
Monsanto seeks successor, may face more upheaval20 Dec 2002
Syngenta pulling out of UC Berkeley20 Dec 2002
Who needs GM? Organic system doubles rice yield20 Dec 2002
Yields boosted by 880% on poor soil with organic methods/Non-GE nematode resistant pepper developed in US20 Dec 2002
Blame US poolicy for dumping GM food aid20 Dec 2002
Enquiry needed into Monsanto corn approval19 Dec 2002
Monsanto damaging Indian agriculture19 Dec 2002
Monsanto president resigns; shares fall19 Dec 2002
Vatican doesn't back GM foods/Scientists ask: What is a gene, anyway?19 Dec 2002
Zambian "crime" - Sign-on letter to US ambassador to FAO19 Dec 2002
Getting out the begging bowl!18 Dec 2002
Human genetics - news and a call for action18 Dec 2002
Monsanto and maize seed shortage in Malawi/France does not expect end of GM ban18 Dec 2002
Monsanto meltdown - Roundup resistant weeds threaten major cash impact on land values in US18 Dec 2002
Almost half US shoppers find GM foods unacceptable/GM corn and US aid17 Dec 2002
GM rice off the menu/Chardon LL maize/Tewolde on Ethiopia's predicted food crisis17 Dec 2002
Farmers' rights/Farmers' varieties13 Dec 2002
Frankenfish ban/Dow/Syngenta/Brazil13 Dec 2002
Greenpeace founder calls extremists 'anti-human'13 Dec 2002
Malawi should have rejected GM maize - experts13 Dec 2002
The Three Mile Island of Biotech?13 Dec 2002
Monsanto wants to "help" Argentina12 Dec 2002
Britain votes against tougher EU labels/FSA man to take over European food safety authority11 Dec 2002
Seed Satyagrah - The Great Gene Robbery11 Dec 2002
Still more fakes on the parade11 Dec 2002
Syngenta pulls out of biopiracy pact11 Dec 2002
Farmers vow to continue protests in Philippines vs genetic corn10 Dec 2002
GM food ban opens Brazil market to Chinese corn exports10 Dec 2002
India - Bt cotton fraud proved10 Dec 2002
US will host high-level ministerial conference in 2003 on agricultural science and technology10 Dec 2002
Prodigene fined $3 million +/A cloned cow in Havana?09 Dec 2002
US surrendering to international pressure on Zambia/Kerala farmers plan campaign against GM food/Scottish & US resistance09 Dec 2002
GM expert warns of cancer risk from crops08 Dec 2002
Chapela speaking at 'Biotech: Farmers' rights, and the university-industrial partnership'07 Dec 2002
FSA-Meacher in organic food row07 Dec 2002
Can Golden Rice eradicate vitamin A deficiency?/News and comment from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Pakistan, India06 Dec 2002
Corn could make cotton pests Bt resistant06 Dec 2002
Harvard mouse decision has implications for world hunger06 Dec 2002
Monsanto's corn approved for planting in the Philippines06 Dec 2002
US calls GM food aid refusal a crime against humanity - African leaders should be put on trial06 Dec 2002
US grain exports to EU "impossible"/Japan to stop research cooperation with Monsanto/Other items06 Dec 2002
US policies contribute to African famine - report06 Dec 2002
Biosafety treaty worries producers05 Dec 2002
URLs for Chapela on Farmers' rights, and the university-industrial partnership & report on World Food and Farming Congress05 Dec 2002
USAID center to develop GM crops/US food ambassador to UN to promote GM crops05 Dec 2002
$1 billion loss predicted if corn growers don't avoid new GMOs/Quarantined soybeans sold/Company blames govt for GM delay04 Dec 2002
BIO backtracks on pharmageddon policy - biotech companies change self-imposed moratorium04 Dec 2002
Pusztai's submission on health impact of GM crops - evidence to Health Committee of Scottish Parliament04 Dec 2002
Shameless hypocrite of the day - Sir Peter Lachmann FRS04 Dec 2002
The Fake Parade04 Dec 2002
Buying seed? Pay attention to biotech traits/F-F-F-F-Fashion!03 Dec 2002
Famine in Africa: Controlling their own destiny/So whose rice is it anyway?03 Dec 2002
Twists in the maize - Famine in Africa02 Dec 2002
EU trade commissioner backs African stance on GM aid/New US-EU trade war looms02 Dec 2002
Letter from Prof David King on GM Science Review/Debate fails to satisfy02 Dec 2002
Monsanto's dirty cyberwar - A 'denial'02 Dec 2002
Syngenta caught in the act02 Dec 2002
US policy on aid is 'wicked'02 Dec 2002
Mumbo-jumbo from the Sunday (bush) telegraph01 Dec 2002
ISIS on the GM food aid crisis30 Nov 2002
Avery's "comic" highlights from the World Food and Farming Congress29 Nov 2002
EU deal on GM labelling/GM Labelling in Canada "just a matter of time"29 Nov 2002
More on GM food and feed labelling from the Campaign29 Nov 2002
Science Review details - Articles and Panel29 Nov 2002
"Wicked" USAID/Biowatch in court/Zambia/Zimbabwe28 Nov 2002
Abort the disabled/Human-mouse hybrid/Bioweapons28 Nov 2002
Alternatives to GM in Zambia/Appeal to alleviate hunger in some parts of Zambia28 Nov 2002
Corn 'pharma' named/Corporate control27 Nov 2002
Germany donates non-GM foods/African consumers demand South Africa label GM foods27 Nov 2002
Mississippi farmer to pay Monsanto $780,000 for "Patent Infringement"27 Nov 2002
More superweeds fears/Cancer-causing genes in animals and plants27 Nov 2002
UK minister slams GM food aid27 Nov 2002
Press release - African consumer leaders adopt a critical position with respect to GMOs26 Nov 2002
Sainsbury biotech cash conflict of interest26 Nov 2002
Canada afraid to upset US/180,000 Canadians say 'No!' to patented seeds25 Nov 2002
GeneWatch UK warns on GM experiments to create new life forms25 Nov 2002
Governments have right to choose, admits WFP25 Nov 2002
Hi-tech crops 'will not save poor'/Avery over London - Londoners take cover!25 Nov 2002
Agencies pushing Zambia to accept GM foods turned down invitation22 Nov 2002
No one dying because of GM rejection - Zambia22 Nov 2002
Open letter to Prof Tom Humphrey of the Food Standards Agency/FSA confirms opposition to GM derivatives labels22 Nov 2002
BMA report leads to call for halt on GM crop trials/Tobacco industry tinkers with biotech cigarettes21 Nov 2002