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2000 articles

Title Created Date
Fears of the year31 Dec 2000
Bt cry1 GM crops damage the ileum31 Dec 2000
Ten worst corporations of 200028 Dec 2000
Animated primer on DNA, genes, etc.28 Dec 2000
WHO warns mad cow disease has spread worldwide27 Dec 2000
New Cargill and ADM briefings from Corporate Watch27 Dec 2000
Genetic determinism is dead - there's no such thing as a gene27 Dec 2000
Special Xmas greeting23 Dec 2000
Great Xmas reading: The case against genetically engineered food23 Dec 2000
Down in the lab on Christmas morn23 Dec 2000
Major Canadian conference / Canada's 'Big Carrot' going GE-free22 Dec 2000
Kiwis protest GM turkeys22 Dec 2000
Journalist arrested for revealing govt snooping22 Dec 2000
Glyphosate in Danish groundwater22 Dec 2000
Tests to block blight of GE seed imports21 Dec 2000
Monsanto/Calgene and the new Sec of Ag21 Dec 2000
Increase in takeup of GM crops dives21 Dec 2000
GM seed industry giants: who owns whom?21 Dec 2000
Fine crop of legal claims21 Dec 2000
EU says GMO "ban" to stay until at least mid-200121 Dec 2000
CLONAID aims at a million customers21 Dec 2000
What's Next for Biotech Crops? Questions20 Dec 2000
Nutritionist exposes the Golden Hoax / Potrykus accepts current inadequacy20 Dec 2000
Japan Again Finds StarLink, Asks US to Halt Shipment20 Dec 2000
Embryo cloning - just in time for Christmas20 Dec 2000
U.S.-E.U. Panel Urges Review of Biotech Foods19 Dec 2000
Tony Trewavas FRS and a diet of GM spuds19 Dec 2000
The New Uncertainty Principle19 Dec 2000
San Francisco Board unanimously denounces GM foods and companies with double standards19 Dec 2000
RAFI's 'Biotech Generation 3'19 Dec 2000
Now Thais take action over "allergy fears" corn19 Dec 2000
Biosafety Conference details and papers19 Dec 2000
Korean Govt Recalls Genetically Modified Corn Imported From US18 Dec 2000
Hagelin stuns EPA with stirring StarLink testimony18 Dec 2000
US and UK GM trials farce17 Dec 2000
More on peer reviewed papers on GM food safety17 Dec 2000
GEN12-17 + comment17 Dec 2000
Scientists concede nobody knows GM risks16 Dec 2000
The Trouble With Percy15 Dec 2000
Pusztai on Morton, 'myths' and peer review15 Dec 2000
MP Names - urgent action15 Dec 2000
More on Vit A - cruel hoax15 Dec 2000
More Arabidopsis urls from Nature 14 Dec 2000 vol 40815 Dec 2000
Ecological risks and benefits of genetically engineered plants - Science15 Dec 2000
Eastern Daily Press on Arabidopsis + John Innes press release15 Dec 2000
Clandestine GM foods entering India15 Dec 2000
Calendar of Calamities 2000 - RAFI15 Dec 2000
US gene therapy rules relaxed14 Dec 2000
Letters on cloning to national press, please14 Dec 2000
Greenpeace likely to block more vessels as it targets animal feed sector14 Dec 2000
Dr Roger Morton - The Calvinists are coming!14 Dec 2000
Corporate power - George Monbiot interview14 Dec 2000
Monsanto threatens Argentina13 Dec 2000
Golden Rice tech transfer - more on the Golden Rice hoax13 Dec 2000
British Medical Journal critique of SIRC media initiative13 Dec 2000
Biosafety Protocol talks open on transgenic crop labelling and safety13 Dec 2000
Soya importer goes GM-free after Greenpeace protest12 Dec 2000
Scientists gang up on organics12 Dec 2000
Rice of doom - q & a's12 Dec 2000
Response to Watson comments12 Dec 2000
Over 60% of US women would not give GM foods to their children12 Dec 2000
Dear Mr Glickman, re: organic disclaimer / Holiday gift to Kellogg's!12 Dec 2000
UK medical research acknowledges GM food risks11 Dec 2000
Roundup Ready beans and increasing herbicide use11 Dec 2000
MRC Acknowledges GM Food Risks11 Dec 2000
Luke Anderson at public meeting + transcript url11 Dec 2000
Greenpeace Survey Reveals Which Christmas Turkeys are GM Free11 Dec 2000
Greenpeace block French GE imports as Biosafety Protocol meeting begins11 Dec 2000
Ban/inspect/picket/label/list... as GMOs go around the globe10 Dec 2000
Pro-GE crooks, and a troll09 Dec 2000
More on Monsanto's Golden Mustard09 Dec 2000
Deadly GM chemical warning / Edinburgh court case09 Dec 2000
"This is an outrage" - EPA on Aventis / Monsanto developing Vit A crop in India / etc.09 Dec 2000
Stealth genes and recouping industry's investment08 Dec 2000
Retraction of allegation against Greenpeace / other excerpts from AgBiasedView08 Dec 2000
Oz GM deal "a disaster" / Eastern Europe08 Dec 2000
Indians being used as guinea pigs / Canadian NFU moratorium call / Terminator in UK controversy - BBC online / insufficient land for organics, Dow AgroSciences forum told08 Dec 2000
George Monbiot's book - Captive State08 Dec 2000
Xeno news07 Dec 2000
REALFOOD news update 5 Dec 200007 Dec 2000
No clone zone and other New Scientist items07 Dec 2000
More on Brazil and GM chicken feed07 Dec 2000
Greenpeace Welcomes Canadian Farmers’ Call for GM Moratorium07 Dec 2000
Best Practice in the Design of GM Crops07 Dec 2000
SPLICE on biotech rats leaving sinking ship06 Dec 2000
Nonviolent Direct Action Trauma Casualties and How to Avoid Them06 Dec 2000
Letter on embryo cloning06 Dec 2000
Islamic views on GM06 Dec 2000
US group urges caution, Monsanto contracts discouraged / etc.05 Dec 2000
UK GM Field Trials Contain 'Terminator' Crops05 Dec 2000
Monsanto encourages organic attacks05 Dec 2000
GM crop pullers with positive motives convicted05 Dec 2000
Fascinating Pusztai interview05 Dec 2000
China joins debate over GM foods05 Dec 2000
MPs "astonished" by hushed-up GM sites / GMOs - UK Gov fails to implement EU law?04 Dec 2000
Gene therapy in the womb03 Dec 2000
Farmers from the South say big NO to GMO02 Dec 2000
EPA knew about StarLink problems two years ago02 Dec 2000
Corporate missionaries target the South02 Dec 2000
USDA research supports harm to monarch01 Dec 2000