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Russia postpones planting of GMOs by 3 years22 April 2014
Deformed piglets from Roundup-contaminated feed shown on Danish TV18 April 2014
China’s ban on GMO corn costs US up to $2.9 billion17 April 2014
Vermont Senate votes 26-2 for GMO labeling17 April 2014
Brazil's Public Prosecutor files lawsuit against food safety agency over glyphosate16 April 2014
GM omega-3 plants trial approved at Rothamsted16 April 2014
Ministers "covering up secret meetings with GM food lobby"16 April 2014
US corn exports to China drop 85 percent after ban on GMO strains15 April 2014
UK govt colludes with GM industry to control media, plot return of GM to Britain15 April 2014
EU governments giving biotech companies final say about national bans15 April 2014
Don't let Congress deny your right to know: Oppose the DARK act15 April 2014
Scientists find multiple problems with GMOs14 April 2014
India's PM forced through GM trials in face of stiff opposition14 April 2014
Bill would ban GM grass seed10 April 2014
Research on GM maize 1507 controlled by industry10 April 2014
Food safety conference convinced the safety of GM food has yet to be proven10 April 2014
Research needed on glyphosate levels in breast milk and miscarriages09 April 2014
Glyphosate found in US mothers’ breast milk07 April 2014
Pest-resistant Bt brinjal comes under pest attack - already07 April 2014
Sri Lankan government backtracks on Roundup ban06 April 2014
Russia will not import GMO products - PM06 April 2014
Muzzled by Monsanto over gene-silencing technology05 April 2014
Roundup under the spotlight in Denmark03 April 2014
European Parliament demands stricter regulation of conflicts of interest at EFSA03 April 2014
UK 'aid' is financing a corporate scramble for Africa03 April 2014
Chile derails "Monsanto Law" that would privatize seeds01 April 2014
GM alfalfa release in Canada delayed - US growers offered premium to grow non-GM01 April 2014
GMOs make animals seriously ill - Prof Gilles-Eric Séralini31 March 2014
Commercialisation of 30 GM cotton, corn/maize varieties against rules31 March 2014
Parliamentary panel slams Moily over GMO field trials28 March 2014
Karnataka bans Mahyco's Bt cotton seeds after crop failure28 March 2014
Meet the plush GMO mascot, Frank N. Foode28 March 2014
Are GMOs worth the trouble?28 March 2014
Brazil's public prosecutor wants to ban glyphosate26 March 2014
How “extreme levels” of Roundup in food became the industry norm26 March 2014
Public consultation on re-approval of glyphosate - please comment24 March 2014
Glyphosate in animals and humans - new study23 March 2014
Voracious worm evolves to eat biotech corn engineered to kill it23 March 2014
Activists occupy EFSA headquarters over GMO approvals23 March 2014
Monsanto forced to withdraw claims of benefits for GM crops17 March 2014
French government bans GM maize MON 81016 March 2014
Increase in incidents of GM contamination of traded food and feed15 March 2014
Canadian growers say no to GMO apples15 March 2014
In historic ruling, Brazilian court bans release of Bayer GM corn15 March 2014
New push for GM, but its problems are not yet solved15 March 2014
Scientists' hidden links to the GM food giants15 March 2014
Glyphosate to be banned in Sri Lanka14 March 2014
GM science update slammed as "unadulterated propaganda"14 March 2014
“Independent” scientists promoting GM crops have conflicts of interest14 March 2014
Center for Food Safety sues USDA over GM alfalfa approval13 March 2014
Cancellation of GM-free feed is about price tussle, not supply shortage12 March 2014
Massive market rejection of new Syngenta GM corn12 March 2014
US food company dumps GMO oils from its buttery spreads04 March 2014
Séralini releases statement on retraction and correspondence with ethics watchdog04 March 2014
US farmers report widespread GM crop contamination04 March 2014
150 scientists condemn retraction of Séralini study as bow to commercial interests04 March 2014
What do climate denial and promoting GMOs have in common?03 March 2014
China rejects US GM corn shipments02 March 2014
Does the biotech industry have a right to contaminate farmers' fields?02 March 2014
Still enough non-GMO soy to supply German poultry industry02 March 2014
Vandana Shiva on Indian govt approval for GM pesticide plants01 March 2014
Terminator is back in Brazilian Congress - sign petition now!28 February 2014
India's environment minister clears field trials of GM crops28 February 2014
Monsanto's Roundup may be linked to fatal kidney disease - new study27 February 2014
Former member of FCT editorial board condemns Seralini study retraction26 February 2014
Brazil's food safety agency warned in 2007 that MON810 maize not proven safe to eat25 February 2014
Rising volumes of GMO-free soy available for Europe - industry groups25 February 2014
GM crops bring concerns as well as benefits, admits USDA25 February 2014
Glyphosate weedkiller found in 75% of air and rain samples24 February 2014
European scientists descend on Africa to promote GM crops24 February 2014
Bt Brinjal release sans toxicity test draws flak23 February 2014
French government moves to reintroduce ban on GM crops22 February 2014
California takes up bill to label GM foods22 February 2014
China's double standard on GMO spreads to second government ministry21 February 2014
How GM food is finding its way onto your dinner plate21 February 2014
The infanticide advocate promoting golden rice21 February 2014
Reality check on GMO promotional article by professor of plant agriculture20 February 2014
GM crop plantings fall in industrialized nations19 February 2014
New study links glyphosate use with celiac disease and gluten intolerance18 February 2014
Steve Marsh GM canola court case transcripts will be published online18 February 2014
GM potato research a waste of money17 February 2014
Promotion of GM crops a trap, say social groups in India16 February 2014
EU ministers ask Commission to withdraw GMO proposal14 February 2014
Russian civil society and experts oppose GMOs14 February 2014
EU chief science adviser's GMO safety claims are a "lie"14 February 2014
Greens threaten Commission with censure over GM crop13 February 2014
Industry accused of "massive infiltration" of EFSA pesticides panel13 February 2014
Massive GMO crop failure in Philippines13 February 2014
Paterson and Glover push GMOs in Africa at taxpayers' expense12 February 2014
Lack of risk assessment for GM mosquito experiments is negligent12 February 2014
Argentina stalls Monsanto corn project on environmental concerns12 February 2014
GMO maize vote highlights "absurd" EU rules11 February 2014
GM controversy spreads to Canada’s largest crop10 February 2014
GMO soybean pollen threatens Mexican honey sales09 February 2014
Farmers fight landmark Oz GMO case09 February 2014
Industry and EFSA disguise true content of Bt toxin in GM maize 150709 February 2014
High omega 3 GMO not all it's cracked up to be08 February 2014
GM crops are driving genocide and ecocide - keep them out of the EU!08 February 2014
Industry coalition wants to keep consumers in the dark about GMO08 February 2014
Europe says no to Pioneer's pesticidal GM maize in preliminary vote06 February 2014