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Environmental group seeks greater protection for USDA scientists28 March 2015
Narendra Modi: Monsanto’s Man in India28 March 2015
Monsanto’s woes mount27 March 2015
NGOs, academics respond to the Independent’s “advertorials” for the GMO industry26 March 2015
Scientist defends WHO group report linking herbicide to cancer26 March 2015
Is Monsanto on the side of science?26 March 2015
More on study showing Roundup link to antibiotic resistance 26 March 2015
Political group objects to GMO field trials26 March 2015
Why Monsanto’s “outrage” at the IARC report is hokum25 March 2015
DARK Act re-introduced in the US25 March 2015
Hold on costs in Australian GMO contamination case25 March 2015
Herbicides used with GM crops alter antibiotic resistance of disease-causing bacteria23 March 2015
What happened when Patrick Moore was challenged to drink a glass of glyphosate?23 March 2015
Food sovereignty activists protest at Bill Gates’s corporate seed conference23 March 2015
Monsanto settles with farmers over GMO wheat23 March 2015
Children in GM soy-growing area of Argentina have genetic damage23 March 2015
US’s war on cocaine in Colombia challenged by glyphosate cancer verdict22 March 2015
Select Committee report on GM is an insult to science and a danger to the public: Part II – Attacking Europe’s GMO regulations22 March 2015
GMO science deniers: Monsanto and the USDA22 March 2015
Maine legislators move to speed up GMO labelling law21 March 2015
GM Bt brinjal fails for second year in Bangladesh21 March 2015
Domino’s selling GMO pizzas21 March 2015
Glyphosate probably causes cancer – media coverage21 March 2015
Glyphosate is “probable human carcinogen” – WHO’s cancer agency20 March 2015
Scientists seek ban on method of editing the human genome20 March 2015
Roundup is endocrine disruptor in human cells at levels allowed in drinking water20 March 2015
Four February court victories uphold Mexico’s ban on GMO corn20 March 2015
GMO industry has more than a PR problem18 March 2015
Thousands of farmers demonstrate in Delhi against GM crops, anti-farmer policies18 March 2015
Select Committee report on GM is an insult to science and a danger to the public: Part I 18 March 2015
Pakistan farmers most affected by new seed law18 March 2015
52 House Democrats tell Obama the chief cause of decline of monarch butterflies is GMO crops17 March 2015
“Amazing" results of soil improvement programme prove no need for GM17 March 2015
Farmers caught in epic legal battle over GM canola contamination17 March 2015
Where does science end and lobbying begin?15 March 2015
The Maui GMO ban, human experimentation, and war crimes15 March 2015
Time to talk “conflicts of interest” in relation to GMOs15 March 2015
Idaho lawmakers want to shut down states' mandatory GMO labelling bills15 March 2015
Conservation tillage threatened by herbicide-resistant weeds13 March 2015
Who’s behind the attacks on US Right to Know?13 March 2015
White men meet in London to plot ways of profiting off Africa’s seed systems12 March 2015
Pro-Golden Rice lobbyists refuse farmers’ challenge to debate12 March 2015
Testbiotech files complaint about GRACE animal feeding project12 March 2015
Golden rice hype and lies campaign rolls on11 March 2015
Transgenes found in small-scale farmers’ maize seed in South Africa11 March 2015
Why Maui GMO ban may be overturned despite voter approval10 March 2015
The superfluous GMO potato 10 March 2015
Help Mexican citizens fight GM corn09 March 2015
“Healthy” claims for GM soybean oil questioned by new study08 March 2015
Philippines: Farmers oppose GMO Golden Rice08 March 2015
TTIP trade deal will open the door to growth hormones and pesticides, warns chef Jamie Oliver07 March 2015
Precautionary case against GMOs is strong, in spite of dangerous Select Committee report06 March 2015
GM mosquito project shelved in Malaysia and Brazil06 March 2015
Limits sought on GMO corn as pest resistance grows06 March 2015
UNICEF Ambassador Mahmoud Kabil joins Public Board of Factor GMO project06 March 2015
Victory! Brazil meeting to approve GM eucalyptus trees occupied and cancelled05 March 2015
Ghana court suspends GM products05 March 2015
Europe urged to halt GM maize production immediately05 March 2015
Thousands want Costco to not sell GM salmon05 March 2015
Jane Goodall condemns “deluded” GM food supporters as “anti-science”05 March 2015
Jane Goodall teams with US lawyer to expose government and scientific fraud over GM food05 March 2015
American lawyer launches new book exposing systematic fraud by the GMO lobby03 March 2015
Gambia will never accept GM food, says President Jammeh03 March 2015
GM soybeans reduce weight of goats’ offspring – new study02 March 2015
Indian govt minister Menaka Gandhi urges farmers to fight GMOs and neonicotinoids01 March 2015
TTIP could force Germany to abolish plans for labelling of GMO-fed animal products01 March 2015
Agricultural development expert and UN official agree: No consensus on GMO safety01 March 2015
More coverage of Hershey's actions in pulling GMO ingredients from best-selling chocolate bars27 February 2015
Argentina’s GM soybeans are making locals sick25 February 2015
Golden Rice promotional exposed as GMO industry invention24 February 2015
Poison Spring: The secret history of pollution and the EPA23 February 2015
US force-feeds GM crops to African nations, says new report23 February 2015
Arkansas farmers say Syngenta tainted grain supply to promote GMO23 February 2015
Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Kisses to go non-GMO23 February 2015
Owen Paterson gets his facts wrong in pro-GMO push22 February 2015
Unsafe at any dose?20 February 2015
Thousands of Polish farmers in GMOs, land rights protest20 February 2015
Scientists call on media to honestly report lack of GMO safety consensus19 February 2015
Steve Marsh appeal and other GMO news from Australia19 February 2015
UK public concern about GM foods higher than it’s ever been18 February 2015
Over half the experts in Argentine GMO regulatory body have conflicts of interest with industry18 February 2015
Africa's biotech establishment attacks NGOs opposed to GMO crops17 February 2015
Chinese citizens sue ministry to force disclosure of secret glyphosate study17 February 2015
The truth according to Kevin Folta15 February 2015
Claims of GM feed safety misleading – agricultural consultant15 February 2015
Backlash grows against GM apple15 February 2015
Frito-Lay SunChips test positive for weedkiller and GMOs15 February 2015
Pressure group sues “lawless” Ghana authorities over GM foods13 February 2015
USDA approves GMO Arctic apples despite opposition13 February 2015
Why do people doubt science? Monsanto wants to know13 February 2015
Bt maize outperformed by local non-GM varieties for smallholders in South Africa13 February 2015
A funny thing happened when we criticised Anne Glover12 February 2015
GMO labelling bills in Indiana and Minnesota; Jackson County, Oregon defends GMO ban10 February 2015
Why Mark Lynas Changed His Mind10 February 2015
Correcting misinformation about Pusztai’s findings09 February 2015
Polish farmers blockade motorways across country: Send your support09 February 2015
Five more GM brinjal varieties to be released in Bangladesh this year08 February 2015
Maharashtra’s nod for GM crops field trials: Expert committee toeing industry line07 February 2015
Farmers file more than 360 corn lawsuits against Syngenta07 February 2015
The re-colonization of Africa07 February 2015