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About GMWatch

GMWatch provides the public with the latest news and comment on genetically modified (GMO) foods and crops.

GMWatch is an independent organisation that seeks to counter the enormous corporate political power and propaganda of the GMO industry and its supporters. It does this through its website, email lists, Powerbase portal, LobbyWatch, social media (Twitter and Facebook), and other outreach and campaigning activities. GMWatch was founded in 1998 by Jonathan Matthews and its managing editors are Jonathan Matthews and Claire Robinson.

GMWatch isn't funded by big business, government or political parties. It is mostly funded by donations from individual supporters and receives some modest funding for aspects of its work from a small number of NGOs and charitable foundations or trusts. In 2011 these included Friends of the Earth Europe, Friends of the Earth UK, the Soil Association, and the Courtyard Trust. Between July 2011 and May 2012 a GMWatch editor received payment from the Institute of Responsible Technology (IRT) for editorial support to the IRT's newsletters. In 2012 and 2013 GMWatch received funding from the Isvara Foundation, Friends of the Earth Europe and the Courtyard Trust. In 2014 GMWatch received funding from Food Democracy Now!, the Isvara Foundation, and the Sheepdrove Trust.

GMWatch is also supported by the work of dedicated volunteers in different countries around the world.